Over the years I've written many articles in various forms for my own gaming fun as well as various e-zines and manufacturers.

These articles can be found scattered throughout the galleries in the most appropriate sections to them, but they are also collated here for ease of reference.

I like providing things which are of use to others out there, so please let me know if you like what you read and / or would like to see articles on some other area. I occasionally need a gentle prod to remind me, but I'm alweays open to suggestions!

Seeds of War - The Potting Shed - [SoW]
I was involved in the first few years of design and development with Dark Realm Miniatures on their Seeds of War project. Now, I may well be biased, but the 6mm sci-fi game remains a favourite of mine and indeed of gamers at my local club. Whilst I am no longer on the "official" development team, I continue to write and compile a wide range of ideas for the game system, from scenarios and background developments to "bolt-on" rules expansions, which you can use in your games as you wish (with your opponents permission of course!). All Seeds of war articles are labelled with a [SoW] tag.

Its worth noting that all the SoW core rules and armies were tested at my local club and since we're now putting these together, these "Bolt-on" additions are going through almost the same process in most cases - it's just the editing which might be lacking, so feel free to ask if anything is left unclear :)

Painting & modelling articles [model]
The majority of the rest of the articles herein will be based around certain areas of painting and modelling miniatures. For ease of reference, all these articles are labelled with a [model] tag.