[Guest Gallery] Mark Shaw's WHFB Chaos Gallery
Mark's a guy who collects, and more impressively, Fully paints, a fair few full armies for Warhammer. His forces were one of the reasons I thought the Guest Galleries were a good idea. He uses simple techniques that some may critique when models are viewed individually, but as an army the results are always seriously impressive!

Unfortunately, despite him being a very good painter, Mark is also a gamer through and through. To the extent that I couldn't prize his models away from the gaming board to take decent photos.

There's at least 3 other fully painted armies in Mark's collections that I am aware of and I will endevour to get them in front of the camera at some point, and also re-visit his beautiful Chaos forces when I might get the chance to put them under better lighting!

Please click on any of the images to view a larger version, or to scroll through all of the full-size pictures available in this gallery.

Thanks for looking!