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This used to be the for sale page, but in reality I sold most of my stuff through ebay or face to face, so it was rather redundant.

However, I am often asked which out of the thousands of miniatures and hundreds of projects i've been involved in are my favourites.

Well, to answer this question, and also give you access to a "Highlight reel" of the HobbyBrush, this is now home to all my favourites. I'll link here to each of my favourite galleries from across this site, and also show off some of my particular favourite pictures below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have done over the years!

Science Fiction:
Logan Grimnar in epic scale: My biggest competition win (Fanatic Best of show, Golden Demon UK 2004) and a piece I'm often proud to be told inspired others to be stupid in small scales!

At the other end of scales and styles entirely, we have the Ursarkar Creed Bust which has been center stage on my site banner from day one. A complete change of scale for me, and still one of my favourite larger pieces.

For 40K, the Inquisitors and Dark Angels commissions were done stage by stage at around the same time and for the same customer. I was given great freedom on the jobs and the results showed it.

Turning Back to my true love, and 6mm sci-fi, my studio work for Games Workshop's Fanatic division will always remain high up my pride list. Both the earlier pieces and the larger blocks for Epic: Swordwind. Despite some crazy short turn-arounds, working on pre-release models is always a blast.

In a similar vein, working for DRM was a highlight for a long time. Whilst I love my own Kraytonian army, I think I'm most proud on the whole of some of the studio pieces I completed for the Pax Arcadians.

In 28mm, the Warhammer Brettonnian army I painted on commission was one of the largest single batches Ip've ever taken on and I'll always be proud of the results. Painting the Peasants and Pilgrims also changed my painting style entirely - from that commission onwards, 80% or the models I've painted have been basecoated in a full layer of scorched brown!

Blood Bowl skaven. It was a strange commission, to paint skaven in purple and blue uniforms, but I was surprised when I liked the results - goes to show the customer is always right!

Aragorn at helms Deep. I like a lot of the lord of the rings range but this one stands out for me. I painted this figure for a friend of mine to give to a friend of theirs. I spent way longer painting it than I ever intended, and nearly ended up painting a second so I could keep this one!

Warmaster Bretonnians have always been a subject of both love and hate. I love paiting them, but hate it when there's more than two that need doing, as I get horribly carried away doing heraldry. Thus The Joust is among my all time most enjoyable projects, whilst the full army I painted on Commission was one of the most mentally painful but rewarding commissions I've done to date.

Please click on any of the images to view a larger version, or to scroll through all of the full size pictures in this gallery.

Thanks for Looking!