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30/01/2017: It's back! 16 months offline, and it's finally back. The blog is down, so for the most recent stuff check our Facebook page and there are broken embeddd images around the place, but the majority of the huge database of galleries is now accessible once more. Enjoy!

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The Hobby Brush is primarily a gallery site. It contains Thousands of images, of tens of thousands of wargaming and display miniatures from projects painted by myself and a few other local painters. We're not looking for commissions - it's just for fun - as a resource, a hobby unto itself, and to promote the unsung talents of the regular gamer/painter in the local area. Yes, I have done commissions in the past and still do, but thats not why this is here. Just here to be enjoyed, so please do :)

Currently home to 3991 images in 170 galleries and 12 articles as of 01/04/2018 with more being added every month or so- check the facebook page for the latest updates!

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From Mercenary To Hobbyist....
I have been involved in miniatures for 28 years of my 34 years. I spent four of those years painting (and occasionally sculpting) miniatures of all scales and periods for a full-time living. Whilst I enjoyed the job for a long time, I did as many painters do and burnt out my love for the hobby - mainly due to the isolation of working alone! After two years (2008-2010) of relatively little painting, I returned to the brushes, and indeed the dice with a new vigour, and once again enjoy my Hobby as just that.

This site is not intended to garner work, but simply as a place to feature my miniatures. From my latest pieces to some of the thousands I painted previously, I will post as many as I can, for my own reference and hopefully for others to enjoy too.

As such, I will rarely take commissions, with my priority being to enjoy what I paint rather than live off it. Feel free to email me with a project, but I make no guarantees of taking it up! paul_J_T [at] btinternet.com

Guildford Games Club & The Guest Galleries
I am very pleased to say that the site is now expanding, to include Guest Galleries within our Ranks and ranks of images.

Many of these will be from the great folks at the Guildford Games Club (GGC) where I have spent the majority of my Monday nights for the last 15 years!

However, there are some others which will be appearing from other miniature painters and gamers from further afield who I either know personally, or have "met" online & feel it a shame that their work is not better displayed and available for the masses to enjoy.

All such galleries will be clearly marked as "[Guest Gallery]" but they may be found all over the site in any and every section as time goes on. Anything not marked as such is my own work, but I am sure that they will add greatly to the viewing experience provided by the HobbyBrush and I look forward to the opportunity to see, talk about & photograph many great armies in the future as a result of this - My thanks to all involved!