[Guest Gallery]Justin Carnzu's Blood Angels
Guildford Games Club cranks out another great army, this time Blood Angels from the fine brush of Justin Carnzu.
Justin's a perfectionist at heart and refused to let me get my camera out until he was happy with the army. He's now painting a Fantasty army, so I have no doubt we'll be seeing more from him!

The army looks great on the table, but Justin is a modest painter and sticks to his guns that its the simplest paint scheme going.
"Its just Macharite Red, Blood red, Badab Black in the Recesses and line highlights with Blazing Orange."

Lemartest was painted first, when he worked for GW, for a staff competition to be judged by the kids in the store. Lemartes won the competition, and thus earnt himself and entire army's worth of followers!
5 tactical marines followed, then the Vindicator, Death Co. & dread, razorback, Baal Predator, Land Raider, Assault Co., Bikers and most recently the terminators which are taken from the Space Hulk Box game.

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Thanks to Justin, and thanks for looking!