[Guest Gallery] Rhys Knight's Scratch built Adeptus Mechanicus Army
I've known Rhys for years and we've shared many a sad evening at the games Club talking about modelling and painting rather than actually playing games!

Rhys is a well, either God or freak, when it comes to converting plastics. He sees uses and end products in a sprue of leftovers like no other man and this army (along with the minor point of a Golden Demon Statue lurking in his cabinets...) prooves that beyond Dispute.

It is a counts-as force representing the Imperial Adeptus Mechanicus, but fielded using the Chaos Lists. I wont write any more here as I have no doubt you're already looking at the pictures anyway...

Please click on any of the images to view a larger version, or to scroll through all the full-size pictures in the gallery.

Thanks for looking!