[Guest Gallery] Simon Richmond's Space Wolf Company
Simon is one of the few guy's who's been present at the Guildford Games club since the dark days when I first showed my ugly mug there.
I need add littl, so over to him:
Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company
I'm the treasurer of Guildford Games Club and have been attending for 13 years (scary, aint it mate!). I've been playing wargames for over 20 years.
My love of wolves and all things Vikings led to a perfect fit with the Space wolf army for 40K - and who doesn't love an army that drinks and fights for a living!

As is so often the way with all gamers, the army sat around for a long time built & undercoated but unpainted. Then Apocofez ( EDDIE!!!!) came along and drove me to get it painted for the event. It took forever to sort out a colour mix for the army base coat but I settled on a 70 / 30 mix of Space Wolf Grey and Fenris Grey. I'm currently testing with adding more washes to add more depth to the whole force, hence the slight variety in tones ( and by way of using these galleries for further encouragement too - you need to finish those bases matey! ;) ).

I aim to build the Entire of the Space Wolves Chapter, all 12 companies! ( and when pushed for a deadline, he was realistic - by the time He retires... check back in 30 years guys!)

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